UFC star Frankie Edgar helps Task & Purpose to raise awareness to fight suicide among war veterans

UFC star Frankie Edgar is doing a service to the community by helping Task & Purpose raise awareness regarding suicide among modern warfare veterans.

UFC feather weight fighter Frankie Edgar is doing a service to his country and to the veterans who sacrificed their lives in modern warfare. Edgar is helping a cause oriented group called Task & Purpose in an awareness campaign that aims to fight suicide among war veterans by doing 22 pushups on April 22 in local UFC gyms.

The 34-year old Edgar joins the event as part of his contribution in helping the group Task & Purpose, which is a news and culture site geared toward the next great generation of American veterans. They offer an outlet for well-written analysis and commentary on veterans and greater military affairs.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming to an end, and according to their website, the results of the war brings home a new kind of American veteran.

“They return with remarkable skills, having shouldered unprecedented burdens, with a spirit of sacrifice and service needed to move the country forward. We have no doubt that these men and women will do incredible things over the next 50 or more years. Our mission is to give them a voice,” the group’s website reads.

They aim at matching talented veterans with the help of HirePurpose to get jobs with great American companies and reintegrating them back to society by getting jobs that would suit their abilities and skills.

In his post on  social media, both on Instagram and Facebook, Edgar calls on his friends and others to visit his UFC gym or any local UFC gym in their area and join the event called “22 a Day,” which will require people to do 22 pushups as a commitment in saving 22 veterans a day that statistically die from suicide.

“The UFC Gym wants to bring awareness to the fact that we lose about 22 Veterans a day to suicide. One Veteran suicide is one too many. Join my UFC GYM Family in North Brunswick NJ or your local UFC Gym on April 22 at 2pm and do 22 pushups to help raise awareness. 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. Together we can make a difference,” Edgar explains.

Aside from raising awareness, Edgar added that all veterans will get 22 days free at their local UFC Gym just by showing their valid military ID.

Photo Courtesy: Sal Ami/Flickr

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