UFC star Jon Jones gets curfew, must have permit to drive for violation of probation

Jon Jones agrees to a plea agreement before Judge Michael Martinez.

Jon Jones finally gets his day in court, but the judge gave out a stern warning to him as he was given a curfew and will have to obtain a permit for him to drive.

The order was handed down on Jones, who argued that he did drag race as stated in his citation for which he had a date with the judge.

Jones stated that he simply revved the engine of his vehicle to please his fans, but it did not sit well with a police officer from the Albuquerque Police Department as he was issued five citations, including drag racing.

ESPN reported that Judge Michael Martinez imposed a curfew for Jones to follow together with obtaining a driving permit from his parole officer for him to drive to and from his training.

Jones was also ordered to enroll in an anger management class and serve 60 hours of community service. The Judge, however, did not place Jones on travel restrictions which means he will be able to fly his way to Las Vegas wherein he will face Daniel Cormier at UFC 197.

However, MMAjunkie reported that Judge Martinez gave out a stern warning Jones that if he ever comes back to the Albuquerque court again, it will not end to his liking.

“Jon, if you do come back here, it won’t go well,” Judge Michael Martinez said.

Jones was arrested Tuesday for violation of his probation. He is serving and 18-month probation for a hit-and-run accident last April wherein a pregnant woman was hurt in the incident. Jones agreed to a plea agreement to avoid jail time but he was told to avoid any run-in with the law and must complete a 72 hours community service.

TMZ reported that Jones’ management team and legal counsels issued a statement stating that their client is way too focus on his upcoming fight and will get back into training for his scheduled April 23 match. They also stated that they will contest the recent traffic citations and called them “baseless.”

“Jon is focused on the fight, and we are focused on the traffic charges that were brought against him. We are confident that those charges will be dismissed because they are baseless.

More importantly, however, Jon has done extremely well while he’s been under supervision. He has been sober for more than 6 months, and he has completed more than 100 hours of community service, working with those most at need in New Mexico: our youth,” the statement reads.

On the other hand, UFC president Dana White lashed out Jones over at MMA Fighting for being “dumb” in making the mistake of swearing at the police officer who pulled him over. White added that Jones could have shown a little more respect for the law enforcer, who he thinks was just doing his job.

White went on to say that Jones is trying hard to be a “good guy” and in doing so has “drove him crazy.” He added that Jones will always be Jones.

“When I get pulled over by the police, I am the most polite human being you’ve ever met in your life. There’s no upside to talking back to the police. It’s the dumbest thing you can ever do, especially if you’re in Jon Jones’ position. I don’t think Jon Jones is ever going to be the Jon Jones that people expect him to be,” White said.

“Jon is gonna do Jon. I think that Jon tried so hard to play the good guy for so long, it drove him crazy. And Jon is just gonna be Jon now,” White explained.

With that said, Jones is surely going to remember all the things the judge told him to do so and is expected to air out his frustrations on Cormier come fight night.

Photo Courtesy: Shea Huening/Flickr

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