Weidman calls out Rockhold for UFC 205; Says Bisping an embarassment

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Weidman calls out Rockhold

Dan Henderson will be facing Michael Bisping in UFC 204, beating out Chris Weidman in the race for the middleweight belt. So while Bisping is preoccupied with Henderson, what does the former middleweight champion do? Weidman calls out Rockhold to fight him at UFC 205.

While the All American has been recovering from a neck surgery, he has already been quite vocal about fighting again, targeting UFC 205 for his comeback bid. Initially, Weidman was even willing to fight anyone.

“I’ll be at Madison Square Garden waiting for whoever wants it. Bisping doesn’t want it. You know, it was my title shot and he had the opportunity because of me. Now he’s trying to fight the thirteenth ranked guy in the division. It’s good for him. Good for him, man. Fight anybody you want. He’s trying to get a ‘W’ under his belt. Hey, if he can make it happen, good for him. I’m not going to cry about it, honestly,” said the former champ during an interview with MMA Junkie.

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Since then, though, Weidman has been setting crosshairs on Luke Rockhold, the man who dethroned him in UFC 194, and was subsequently knocked out in shocking fashion by current middleweight champion, Michael Bisping in UFC 199 (which was originally meant to be a rematch between Weidman and Rockhold).

“I would like to have the biggest fight I could possibly have at Madison Square Garden. It’s always been my dream to fight as MSG. I’d like a fight that everybody is getting excited about, a fight everyone wants to see. I think redemption against Luke Rockhold would probably be the biggest in my eyes.  I’m going to put it in UFC’s hands. Whoever they decide to give me they will give me, but, if I had to pick it would be Luke. I think we are the two best in the division and I would like to fight the best guy, especially a guy who beat me,” Weidman stated while guesting at the MMA hour.

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And while Weidman calls out Rockhold for another match in the Octagon, the former champ has also been criticizing the current middleweight king, Bisping, saying that it’s “surreal” and “a little embarrassing.” during the MMA Hour interview.

Hopefully he isn’t the one who ends up getting embarrassed should he get his rematch against Rockhold.

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