Celtics Trade Rumor: Boston will try to lure Kevin Love if Cavs don’t win an NBA championship

After the Cleveland Cavaliers fell two games in a row, rumors have been swirling that the Boston Celtics are offering a trade to get Kevin Love if the Cavs fails to win a championship this season in the NBA.

Kevin Love is seen by many analysts as the Cavaliers’ “weakest link” and rumors have been swirling that it that the team might entertain a trade offer from the Boston Celtics if they fail anew to win a championship this season in the NBA.

Rumors have it that the Celtics made a similar offer before the deadline in February and hopes to do so this summer depending on their fate in the ongoing Eastern Conference Finals against a determined Toronto Raptors. League insiders state that Love is a liability to the Cleveland defense, he is not the same Kevin Love back with the Minnesota Timberwolves and with Love’s contract getting a $21.2 million due, Cleveland has got to do something to offload them of some financial obligations.

With the ways, things are going ESPN’s Zach Lowe stated that the Celtics might go for another run to lure Love to their roster if other big names in the free agency market will not be available this summer.

“Boston made an offer for Love at the deadline, sources have told, and though the Cavs found it (dissatisfying),” Lowe wrote, “the Celtics may call again if other stars higher on their list aren’t available.”

Lowe’s comment does not come as a surprise as Love has not been a “big” factor in their back-to-back losses with the Raptors exploring his lack of defense with their pick-and-roll plays that have proved successful in leveling the series at 2-all.

Lowe adds that for a player worth $20 million and becomes a liability during crunch time, the Cavaliers front office should take a step back and assess the situation if it’s worth going for the next season.

The Love-Boston rumor has been long tagged along and every time it happened, the Cavaliers manage to bounce back. But now the Celtics are armed with a no. 3 pick and it could mean very well for the Cavaliers, but are they willing to let go of Love this time?

The Celtics are even looking at other potential trade that would include Philadelphia 76ers’ Jahlil Okafor. It would be an advantage for the 76ers since they can pick Ben Simmons at no. 1 then trade Okafor to Boston for the no. 3 and then select Kris Dunn as they also need a backup point guard for Isaiah Thomas.

So where will Love be in the picture? It’s an option for the Cavaliers if they stumble anew in winning an NBA Championship this season.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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