Dwyane Wade angers Canada; Heat guard blasted for disrespecting Canadian national anthem

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NBA Playoffs (Courtesy: Logopedia/Wikimedia Commons)

It’s the Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference semifinals but it’s Dwyane Wade vs. the entire country of Canada after the Heat shooting guard was caught disrespecting the Canadian national anthem before the start of Game 2 of the Heat vs. Raptors series on Saturday.

The Heat’s veteran leader was seen in the video shooting jumpshots even though the singing of the national anthem had started already. In the video, D-Wade was seen taking at least four warm-up jumpers and could have been more but the camera shot already went to the singer.

It’s traditionally expected for players, not only in the NBA but the entire sports world, that they should stop whatever they are doing when any country’s national anthem is being played.

Watch the video of Dwyane Wade allegedly disrespecting Canada:


Video Courtesy: YouTube/Ximo Pierto Final

Outspoken Canadians and fans were of course up in arms against Wade on social media:


The extra time for the warm ups was good for Wade, who finished with a game-high 38 points on 13-of-25 shooting in Game 3 versus the Warriors.

However, while the Heat shooting guard was hot for the night and have won the battle the Toronto Raptors and Canada won the war as the team from north of the border won the third game in the series, 95-91.

The victory was a big one for the Raptors, and Canada, as they got the 2-1 series lead and got back the homecourt advantage they lost at home in Canada back in Game 1.

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