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Gabrielle Union says referees should be fined and suspended for poor officiating

Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade’s wife, expressed his disappointment on Twitter after the controversial loss of the Miami Heat against the Charlotte Hornets in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference playoff series.

With 4.5 seconds left in the game, Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade drove to the basket to tie the game but was denied at the rim. However, there was a foul play that the referee didn’t see and failed to give a call when Hornets’ Courtney Lee made contact with Wade.

According to a Twitter post of Tim Reynolds, Wade said: “There’s no reason for me to look at it. It ain’t going to change anything. I thought I did. It wasn’t called.”

Wade seemed to move on from their heartbreaking loss with the Hornets but his wife felt that she needed to outburst her feelings regarding the game.

On Gabrielle Union’s Twitter account, she released all her hard feelings and disappointment with the outcome of the game. Wade’s wife pointed out that the referees should be fined and suspended for crappy officiating.

She added that if players, coaches and owners were punished after complaining with the game irregularities then the referees should also be fined for poor officiating.

Gabrielle Union was also disappointed with the “2 min report”, wherein according to ESPN, the “2 minute report” was referring to the NBA’S “Last Two Minute” report which was posted at following all close games.

Skip Bayless also said his opinion on Twitter saying that Dwayne Wade and any other player should receive the whistle they deserve especially in the crucial parts of the game.

It was not the first time when a certain incident happened wherein a player who was supposed to receive a foul call fails to get the whistle he deserved. Still, the league is not making any move regarding no-call issues. It is also a proven fact that it will never change the outcome of the game.

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