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Kawhi Leonard not getting star treatment, says Duncan

San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan expressed his disappointment over the lack of respect shown by the NBA officials with his teammate Kawhi Leonard.

According to him, Leonard, who was known as a quiet player in the league, failed to get enough whistles although many players were getting physical with him during the game.

“[Kawhi’s] gotten to the point now where people are being a lot more physical with him, but people are still being allowed to get away with a whole lot of stuff,” Duncan said via Fox Sports. “That gets him fired up, and rightfully.”

However, there had been an improvement with Kawhi Leonard in this season where he was seen being more vocal especially when he felt that there was something wrong with the referees call.

In spite of the quiet nature of Kawhi Leonard, he had proven that his deeds were enough to get noticed in the basketball world.

In the past two years, Leonard won an NBA Finals MVP and recently received his second consecutive defensive player of the year award. Also, Leonard was named an All-star starts and emerged as a viable league MVP candidate.

Duncan revealed that his longest conversation with Leonard only lasts not more than 15 seconds. He explained that Leonard preferred to expressed himself inside the court.

“I don’t think it’s ever surpassed 10 or 15 seconds,” Duncan said, explaining that Leonard prefers to do his talking on the hardwood.

“He hasn’t said a whole since he’s been here, but he’s gone out there and put it on the floor and put up the numbers and helped us win games. When you do it like that, you earn people’s respect.”

Though Leonard was not vocal like most of the players in the league, he had surely earned enough respect from his teammates and opponents who had seen how he played inside the court.

Kawhi Leonard had a season average 21.2 points, 6.8 rebounds and 2.6 assists.

Photo courtesy: @SugarKLeonard2/Twitter

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