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Los Angeles Clippers’ chances for Western Conference finals doubted, analysts change predictions

Photo Courtesy: Blake Griffin/

The Los Angeles Clippers are facing a big problem in their first round playoff series after two of their main men, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, suffered an injury in their Game 4 loss against the Portland Trail Blazers.

According to a report from Yahoo Sports, the Clippers had been the new favorites of most basketball analysts to enter the Western Conference finals since Stephen Curry had his second injury of the postseason.

However, their perception might have changed already since the Clippers will be playing without Paul and Griffin due to injury that made them questionable to surpass the Trail Blazers in the first round.

Chris Paul suffered from a fractured bone in his right hand with 6:26 remaining in the third quarter and left the court in frustration on his way to the locker room. The struggle continued for the Clippers after Blake Griffin also left the game in the fourth quarter due to left quad soreness.

According to a report from CBS Sports, when Griffin got back in the court, he felt uncomfortable that might be the result of the recurrency of his previous injury. After the game, Clippers coach Doc Rivers said that Griffin’s “50-50” for Game 5.

After winning the Game 4, the Portland Trail Blazers were now even with the Los Angeles Clippers with 2-2. The playoff picture for the Los Angeles Clippers seemed to change after losing two of their key players. The Blazers just need to continue their momentum in order to grab the chance to advance in round two.

However, the Clippers were still a dangerous team to face since they have DeAndre Jordan, Jamal Crawford, J.J. Redick and Paul Pierce to fill the absence of their two stars.

If their series would end up to Game 7, it would be favorable for the Golden State Warriors since Stephen Curry will be needing at least two weeks to recover from the injury.

Though Curry would not be available in their succeeding games against the Rockets, the Golden State Warriors had proven that they were still the better team even without the presence of the reigning MVP.

With the recent events in the playoffs, it must be hard to predict which team would end up dominating in their brackets since unexpected things occur even to the most favorite teams in the league.

Photo courtesy: Blake Griffin/

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