NBA Predictions: Cleveland Cavaliers versus Toronto Raptors, Eastern Conference finals 2016

With the 2015-16 NBA season nearing to an end, the game is expected to be more intense as the Toronto Raptors have finally made it to the Eastern Conference finals for the first time in franchise history after beating the Miami Heat in Game 7.

The Toronto Raptors are about to face the reigning Eastern Conference champion, Cleveland Cavaliers, who remained unscathed in the first and second round of the playoffs. With their ‘Big Three’, LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, being healthy, the Cavaliers are expected to go all out to finish the series as fast as they could.

With the Raptors missing their big man Jonas Valanciunas, Bismack Biyombo should double his effort in the next stage where they will be facing a much tougher opponent. Biyombo notched 17 points, 16 rebounds and two blocks to defeat the Whiteside-less Heat in Game 7.

Having stars like DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry on Raptors’ side do not assure that they have nothing to worry in the Eastern Conference finals. They need to double their scoring performance to match the Cleveland Cavaliers. Also, they should assign a player that will be defending LeBron James to limit his scoring and break the Cavaliers rhythm.

Regarding Jonas Valanciunas injury update, the latest announcement according to, is that the Raptors center will miss the rest of the Eastern Conference semifinals. However, there are no details yet if he will be available to play against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jonas Valanciunas will really be a big factor in the Toronto Raptors success in the Eastern Conference finals. Valanciunas managed to dominate the league’s leading shot blocker in the 2015-16 NBA regular season so his presence will be needed by the Raptors to match the Cavaliers big man.

If the Raptors will not be able to limit the Cavaliers in the offensive end, there is a higher possibility that they will end up as a practice opponent for the reigning Eastern Conference finals champion.

Photo courtesy: Logopedia/Wikimedia Commons

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