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NBA Rumors: James Harden wants to play for another team next season if Dwight Howard will stay in Houston Rockets

Rumors and speculations are surrounding the Houston Rockets star guard James Harden who was said to be looking for another team to play next season after the disappointing 33-point lead loss to the Golden State Warriors in Game 5.

The Warriors, who were playing without Stephen Curry, still managed to defeat the Houston Rockets and they are now on their way to the semifinals of the Western Conference waiting for the winners between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Despite the explosive performance of James Harden, his efforts were not enough to carry his team against the Curry-less Warriors. Harden scored 35 points on 12-of-23 shooting while the rest of the team only added 46 points on 19-of-72 shooting.

The numbers were basically revealing that Harden was not receiving enough help from his teammates, especially on the offensive end. With this, rumors are spreading that James Harden will be playing for a ‘better team’ next season.

In a previous report, James Harden was said to have an issue with Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard regarding their role in the team. It seemed like the two Rockets star were lacking chemistry resulting to a poor team performance.

There were also rumors that Dwight Howard will be playing for a ‘new team’ next season according to an early report. If this would be confirmed, the Rockets would be having enough salary cap to hire another player that could help Harden revive the Rockets.

But if the Rockets will still choose to re-sign Howard despite his poor performance, there will be a large possibility that we will be seeing James Harden wearing a different jersey next season.

One of the teams showing large interest in signing James Harden is the Los Angeles Lakers, who is also reportedly keeping an eye in Kevin Durant. If Harden and Durant will be both signed by the Lakers, it will be a great reunion for the two superstars to play with a team that marked a great history in the league.

It will test the skills and patience of the two superstars since the Lakers are still in the rebuilding process. Harden and Durant could be a great addition to the Lakers’ young cores D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle who were continuously improving and making a name in the league.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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