2016 NBA Draft: Sixers, Lakers, Celtics may pull off surprises?

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Photo courtesy: Bikeride/Wikimedia

It seems settled that the Philadelphia 76ers are going to draft Brandon Ingram from Duke over Ben Simmons. Both of them are real talented, and picking one over the other could be easily justified. However, in the case for the 76ers, Brandon Ingram’s passing and ability to look for teammates on the court is a huge factor.

Brandon Ingram is also a safer choice, and he is known to put in all his energy and focus on his game. The same cannot always be said about Simmons.

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This leaves Ben Simmons to the Lakers, of course, whose need for size in the team could be quickly filled in by the 6’10 forward from LSU. He does not have a range game, which the Lakers needs, but his passing ability and unique talent should enable Laker shooters to perform better.

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Nobody really knows whom Danny Ainge is going for, or what direction he is steering towards, and this is where experts believe a shakeup could take place in the NBA Draft.  But for now, the guess is that the Boston Celtics is going to pick Dragan Bender.


One thing we can all agree on about the NBA Draft is that it is unpredictable.

The real possibility of a shakeup is not just at the level of the Celtics. It goes back right at the top. It is not ridiculous to think of the 76ers to pick Kris Dunn over the Ingram or Simmons. Why? Simple. It is because he is potentially better than the two, and is even willing to prove it.

Haven’t you heard about Dunn refusing to practice 1-on-none? The kid believes in his talent, and that’s exactly what coaches look for. He is also what the Sixers needs talent, playmaking, scoring.

And what if the Lakers pick Dragan Bender next? We all know they need more size in their lineup, and like the Celtics, they need a big man in the middle. Even the Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak traveled abroad to watch this kid perform. Bender is 7’0 and is a good passer with high basketball I.Q.

If you think the shakeup in the draft begins with the Celtics, think again. Wouldn’t it be crazy if they ended up with Simmons or Ingram?

Photo courtesy: Bikeride/Wikimedia

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