NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin as Brooklyn Nets’ leader; Teammates and coach have nothing but praise for guard

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Jeremy Lin Brooklyn Nets leader
Jeremy Lin Brooklyn Nets leader

After what could possibly be one of the worst seasons of the Brooklyn Nets, the team presently does not have anywhere else to go (and look forward to), but up. And so does their newly acquired point guard Jeremy Lin, who is seemingly ready to help the young squad reach playoff contention once more.

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“I can’t wait,” Lin announced during a recent event.

From the looks of things, neither can his team.

Three weeks into training, Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson and the rest of his team have had nothing but praise for Lin. Some even see the guard as someone who can lead the Nets to a successful run this season.

“We just had a talk today about what can he do to become a better leader,” Atkinson shared during a Nets press conference. “It’s a heck of a challenge, but he’s prepared for it, I think it’s the right time of his career and I think he’s smart enough and will grow into being a better leader as this thing goes on.”

Atkinson, who was also as the Knicks’ assistant coach during the height of Linsanity, sees nothing but potential in Jeremy Lin.

“I think he’s excited about it. He came off the bench in Charlotte and did a heckuva job, but this is a different deal. Now, you’re the quarterback, the Eli Manning,’’ the coach pointed out to Lin. “There’s a different level of responsibility. It’s new to him.”

Teammates also see leader potential in Jeremy Lin

Other players also weighed in on the addition of Lin to their roster, as well as the possibility of him manning the Brooklyn ship.

“It’s amazing, man,” shared teammate Sean Kilpatrick with the Nets website. He’s been a great role model when he came to this team and also a great vet with this team. Who knows where it will take off from there.”

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Brook Lopez was also all praise when talking about Jeremy Lin sharing “I’ve watched his career –we’re obviously the same age– I’ve really tremendously enjoyed the way he plays, enjoyed his game.” He added, “I think he’s really someone who I think can get out and lead this team from the point guard position and get things going for us.”

Said the co-leader of the Nets, which beckons the question- will Lopez and Lin be able to share the reins?

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