Bulls Trade Jimmy Butler: Three-team trade suggests Butler to Lakers for D’Angelo Russell

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Three-team trade suggests Butler to Lakers for D’Angelo Russell?
Rumors suggest a three-team trade that will send Jimmy Butler to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for D’Angelo Russell.

Chicago Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler has been a favorite target of trade rumors and has always been linked with the Los Angeles Lakers. Rumors suggest a three-team trade that will send Butler to the Lakers in exchange for D’Angelo Russell.

NBA Trade Rumor suggests the trade would involve the Bulls, the Lakers, and the Philadelphia 76ers. The rumored trade is more complicated than it looks.

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For their part, the Bulls will receive D’Angelo Russell, Jerami Grant and a first-round pick in next year’s draft via the 76ers. On their end, the 76ers will get Brandon Ingram and Jose Calderon.

There is no doubt the Bulls do have a lot of assets after taking Chicago’s son Dwyane Wade and then signing Rajon Rondo. It will be crowded in the guard spot as Butler also plays in the position. Thus, to break that logjam, the trade suggests sending Butler to the Lakers and taking in Russell who could replace Wade or Rondo.

The Bulls can even slide Wade to no. 2 and play with Russell or Rondo to space out the floor in their offense. In that way, Taj Gibson, Robin Lopez, and Nikola Mirotic can work down low, thus giving the Bulls a versatile frontcourt.

For the Lakers, it is no secret that they are trying to rebuild their reputation past the Kobe Bryant era and is looking for a suitable leader. With Butler in their roster, Luke Walton can run their run-and-gun type of system.

Butler can run with Jordan Clarkson, Luol Deng, and Lou Williams in the wings. Not only that, the Lakers will have Noel to join forces with Timofey Mozgov and Yi Jianlian to make a solid front court.

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Meanwhile, the 76ers also win in this trade. The team is struggling with injuries even before the start of the league. Bringing in Ingram could be a solution to their Ben Simmons problem, who is still recovering from a foot injury. Aside from Ingram, Calderon brings his experience to the team in getting the 76ers’ big men involved in the offense.

The rumored trade might be complicated but it is plausible in a sense that everyone gets their fair share in the deal. The Bulls, Lakers, and the 76ers may try to explore this option or else stick to what they have come up all summer long.

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