NBA Rumors: Jordan Clarkson is the Lakers’ best player right now

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Jordan Clarkson is the best player of the LA Lakers
Jordan Clarkson is the best player of the LA Lakers

Based on their most recent preseason games alone, the Los Angeles Lakers are beginning to look like a much different team from what they were just a season ago. Much of it has to do with Kobe’s departure, but it has become more apparent that the team’s players are ready to make a showing of their talent, one of whom is Jordan Clarkson.

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Though much of the media hubbub has been directed towards D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Brandon Ingram, Lakers Nation has made a strong point that Clarkson may well and be the Lakers’ best player, at present.

“With all due respect, the best player on the roster last year, this year, and for the foreseeable future, is Jordan Clarkson. It is not even close at the moment,” shared the site. “If the coaching staff does not know that already, they will learn it soon when the comfort of the practice facility gives way to actual games with real opponents.”

Clarkson’s last stand-out performance against the Denver Nuggets seemed to prove the point, performing outstandingly from both ends of the court. The guard put in 15 points on six of twelve field goals, had two rebounds, two steals and added four steals in just 20 minutes of play. Despite the 101-97 loss, the game still showed Clarkson’s capability in both on the defensive and offensive end.

Luke Walton commends Jordan Clarkson preseason performance

Lakers coach Luke Walton took notice of this as well.

“I’ve loved what he’s done so far,” Walton shared with press after practice last Saturday. “But if he continues to play well … I don’t look at it as really coming off the bench. It’s more of a way of getting a starter in with the second unit so you don’t have a drop off.”

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Whether or not Walton starts Jordan Clarkson or keeps him off the bench, there seems to be one guarantee-that Clarkson will do what he has been consistently doing the past seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers which is “play 38 minutes in a game that goes down to the wire and ten minutes later look refreshed and ready to start another game.”

How can he not be the best player in LA right now?

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