San Antonio Spurs Trade: Spurs willing to part ways with Danny Green for Bulls’ Taj Gibson

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Spurs willing to part ways with Danny Green for Bulls’ Taj Gibson?
Trade rumors suggest that the San Antonio Spurs send shooting guard Danny Green to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Taj Gibson.

The San Antonio Spurs are looking pretty thin with their lineup after Tim Duncan’s retirement. Trade rumors suggest that the Spurs send Danny Green to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Taj Gibson.

With the proposed deal, the Spurs get another option and experience down the painted area for either LaMarcus Aldridge or David Lee. In case both players get into foul trouble, Gibson could be called to duty, especially with his experience during crunch time.

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Compared to last season, the Spurs now are “thin” in terms of pieces for the frontcourt positions. This came after trading Boris Diaw to the Jazz and with David West elects to sign with the Warriors.

Between the two, Diaw was the sacrificial lamb as they had to dump his salary to make room for Gasol. Now that Gasol is with the team, he has some big shoes to fill in especially that Duncan has opted retirement.

In taking in Gibson, the Spurs could find him a strong contributor despite averaging 8.6 points with 6.9 rebounds and 1.1 blocks a game. Gibson can turn things around with his leadership on both ends of the floor and is no stranger to fellow Bulls’ teammate Pau Gasol.

Meanwhile, if the deal works, the Bulls get another shooting option behind Dwyane Wade as they might swing Tony Snell third in the rotation. Green averages better than Snell with 7.2 points, 1.8 assist and 3.8 rebounds a game.

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Green could be a deadly shooter from beyond the arc which spaces out the floor for the Bulls to give its big men’s room to work inside the shaded area. Aside from that, Green could also run on both ends of the floor and his defense could also be an asset if the Bulls were to make the deal as well.

It is no brainer that the Bulls need another shooting option and that the Spurs also needs some frontcourt help. Getting this trade would be plausible and would answer the concerns that both teams have come into the season.

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