LeBron James Contract: King James happy with Cavaliers core back for title retention campaign

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King James happy with Cavaliers core back for title retention
The Cavaliers has signed up all of its core players to multi-contracts and LeBron James happy as they go after their next goal which is to keep their title

The Cleveland Cavaliers has signed up all of its core players to multi-contracts that assure them of tenure with the team. This makes LeBron James happy that they are complete with the next goal in mind, to keep their title this season.

The Cavaliers managed to agree with J.R. Smith, considered as the last missing piece to the team, to a four-year $57 million contract with $45 million three years in a guarantee. James lauded the efforts made by the Cavaliers management to bring everyone back and guarantees that it will be a fun season for all of them.

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According to James stated that having the core of the team back makes them even stronger. He noted that what they have accomplished last season was something for the books, but experiencing it together again would be spectacular.

“We just a team that want to grow together, go through bumps and bruises together, go through success together, go through everything together,” James said after Sunday’s practice. “So it’s great to know that we’ll all be together for a while. So, it’s fun times for all of us.”

With everything in place for the Cavaliers many speculate that James himself might opt out of his contract by 2018. However, James noted that he is not thinking of what is to happen in the future. He explains that what is important if for the team to make another goal and that is to defend their title against “super teams” such as the Golden State Warriors.

“You know I’m not one to speak on a long-term, speak on tomorrow,” James said. “I live too much in the present. I’m excited about today holds for our team. We’ve got a great nucleus, we’ve got a great staff, and we’ve got a great system, great thing in place. So, you know, I’m happy as part of it.”

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As the Cavaliers manage to bring back all of its pieces for another title run, things have calmed inside the locker room. It has also made their biggest superstar happy and contented thus James and the rest of the Cavaliers get back work.

Things are better with the team as its core is back and James is looking forward to better days ahead. With the turn of events, James and the Cavaliers send a strong message to teams who would want to strip them of their title to face them head on.

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