Barack Obama calls Tyronn Lue, invites Cavs’ team in White House

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President Barack Obama (Photo Courtesy: Steven HSVA/Flickr)

Cavaliers’ head coach Tyronn Lue received a special invitation call from president Barack Obama on Thursday. The U.S. President wants the entire Cavs’ team to visit the White house.

“Really great job,” President Obama said. “You should be proud of yourself. You did a great job on this. I really do think that you brought a cohesion and a steadiness and a focus to the team. It really showed. You should feel good about what you did.”

He also hailed LeBron James while giving a special shout out to the entire city of Cleveland, as reported by the

“I know LeBron, so I had already e-mailed him, but let the rest of the team know that we’re proud of them and congratulations,” President Obama said. “Seeing how the city of Cleveland responded tells you how important it was to those folks.”

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Obama’s request to “shirtless” Cavs’ Players

The special call lasted for four minutes, and ended with Obama’s special request to all shirtless Cavs’ players. The president has noticed the shirtless epidemic that took over the Cavs players in the victory lane.

President Obama wants J.R.Smith and company to put on their shirts during victory parades. Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert also took off their shirts to celebrate Cavs’ triumph.

“Tell J.R. and everybody to put on a shirt, though,” President Obama was in a mood of jokes. “You can’t just be walking around without a shirt for the rest of the week (laughs). Shumpert’s taking off his shirt. Kyrie is taking off his shirt. Come on, man. But I guess if you’re built like that, you know.”

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The Cavs’ management hasn’t announced yet when the team will be visiting the White House. But coach Tyronn Lue confirmed that they have accepted the invitation.

Photo Courtesy: Steven HSVA/Flickr

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