NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons getting serious on Lakers; Lakers think Simmons could be a game-changer

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The 2016 NBA Draft is just a few days away with the Los Angeles Lakers already on the clock as the owners of the number two pick. All signs point to the selecting Australian phenom Ben Simmons out of LSU with the top pick on June 23. Rumors of Simmons attempting to play on lakers have started to heat up.

Over the past few months, it has been rumored that Simmons wants to end up playing with the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact, the LSU player has posted a video last year saying that he will be playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Simmons hopes to play with the Lakers because it will help with a pending shoe endorsement contract with Nike. And it’s not just Nike, Adidas is also offering more money to sign Simmons, but Simmons appears to want to make a deal with Nike.

The 6-feet-10-inch Simmons is a point forward who runs the offense and gets everyone involved in the play. He also a prolific passer, rebounder and equally adept at handling the ball and scoring with his right and left hands. Simmons also has this “lightning-quick speed” and outside shooting that analyst believe will undoubtedly improve Lakers’ ball game. The Lakers is currently in the process of rebuilding its own team and looking for outside talents for team improvement. The timing is good because Simmons has shown potential to be a franchise center in the NBA, and analysts believe that Simmons could give Lakers what they’re looking for.

Of course, there are a few reasons why Simmons would want to end up with the Lakers over the 76ers next month. One big reason here is that Lakers still an attractive destination for starters. Although the Lakers has missed the playoffs for three years in a row, many NBA insiders believe that the team would now have a better chance of turning things around in the near future opposed to the Philadelphia 76ers who end up hoping for the number one pick in the draft on an annual basis.

Another big reason for Simmons playing up with the Lakers is that there is a great shoe deal that being made possible by the LA Lakers.

Now, with a few days away from the NBA Draft, there is only one obstacle standing in the way for Simmons in joining the Lakers that would be the Philadelphia 76ers. At this stage, the safe bet is Simmons ends up playing with the 76ers at number one pick, and the Lakers select Ingram with the second overall pick. Still, a number of things can change in the coming weeks on who goes with the Lakers and Philadelphia.

Finally, it is important to remember that Simmons has a very little control over where he ends up playing, and that the power still resides on the team that drafts him.

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