Ben Simmons News: Hopeful for January return, Kevin Durant encouragement

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Ben Simmons news
Ben Simmons news, return from foot injury, seeks advice from Kevin Durant

There have been so many expectations when the Sixers selected Ben Simmons as the number one overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft. They are seen to build players around him, for being multi-talented, and able to play various positions especially for his passing ability.

In a league full of young talent, Ben Simmons news highlight on the Australian pro baller’s basketball IQ. He can play as a power forward, small forward, but with his great ball handling skills he may end up running the team’s offense as a point forward.

The Sixers have not decided on that yet, and that’s something that may wait a little longer, as Ben Simmons news came of his injury that may take 3 months to heal. That third month falls on January, and is an ideal scenario for him to return, depending on his recuperation and development.

“I was just getting excited about how soon he might be able to come back,” Coach Brett Brown said in a report by ESPN. “There is so much speculation and dates as a coach you sort of want to hear what you want to hear at a time.”

“I did mention a January hopeful return. That is premature. […] That is a coach doing a lot more wishing than receiving instruction. So we will play this out. Everything is on track with his rehabilitation.”

There are Ben Simmons news and rumors that say he’ll be sitting on the sidelines throughout the season, but that seems unlikely.

“There’s no timetable to getting healthy. I’m just working hard to get back and as soon as they tell me I can play, I’ll get out there.” Ben Simmons said in a report by Fox Sports.

It’s a tough way to start a potentially stellar career, but he insists he’ll be playing this season.

“It was tough just knowing what happened, but I will have my first game eventually,” Ben Simmons said. “My time will come.”

To cope with his anxiety and fears regarding his injury, he reaches out to Kevin Durant who’s had a similar injury in the past.

Kevin Durant suffered a foot injury during his time with OKC back in the 2014-15 seasons. He had to endure 3 surgeries over a span of 6 months on his road to recovery, and everybody knows where Kevin Durant is at right now, performance-wise.

“First guy I did speak to was Kevin Durant.” Ben Simmons said. “He had something similar [and] he just said, ‘Listen, get advice from everybody and [you’ll] be good.’ It’s good to reach out to people like that that have gone through it.” Simmons said of Kevin Durant.

For the meantime, he’s taking his time to learn much more about the game from the sidelines, which may pay dividends over time. He’s learning more about the “systems, offense, defense and plays…”

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