Blake Griffin ‘explosive again,’ but Clippers lose Chris Paul; Griffin to co-produce ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ remake

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NBA on Blake Griffin injury, Paul Pierce, Clippers
Blake Griffin injured, Paul Pierce replacement, Clippers

On December 20th the Clippers ‘ Blake Griffin decided to have an arthroscopic knee procedure, hoping to have dealt with this nagging issue by the time the post-season comes. It’s a procedure expected to remove loose bodies from his knee.

Blake Griffin was expected to return in four to six weeks, but no fixed date has been set for it. At the moment, the Clippers ‘ power forward seems to be recovering well. While the team is excited about his return, their hopes were dampened when they realized they lost Chris Paul too due to a thumb injury.

The Clippers were able to beat the Thunder, despite the absence of Blake Griffin and losing Chris Paul. Reports are positive with regards to Griffin, where coach Doc Rivers commented on a report by ESPN, “He looks like he’s explosive again.”

Could this be with regard to his rehabilitation sessions, or during practice, we don’t really know. Doc Rivers has not detailed much of his comments either. But it’s safe to say that Blake Griffin could well be on schedule for his return.

“Early in the year, he was facing up and blowing by guys. You could tell once his knee started getting sore, he wasn’t doing it as much anymore. It was clear.” Doc Rivers added, according to CBSSports.

Blake Griffin to co-produce remakes of ‘White Men Can’t Jump’

While Blake Griffin may be doing well in recovery, working on his knee, he may also be working on something for Hollywood. Last summer, he launched Mortal Media with his partner, Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil, so the movies are nothing new to him.

Mortal Media was already in the process of developing a remake of Disney’s “The Rocketeer,” along with other projects. According to a report by, Blake Griffin is teaming up with Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kahlil and “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris to develop a remake of the classic basketball movie, “White Men Can’t Jump.”

The 1992 sports comedy film starred Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as street ball hustlers. It was the 16th highest grossing move of that year.

Blake Griffin could play a part in the movie considering his abilities and experience as a pro basketball player. Not to mention the pull on sales due to his popularity.

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