Blake Griffin out, Paul Pierce in; Clippers ready to step up

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NBA on Blake Griffin injury, Paul Pierce, Clippers
Blake Griffin injured, Paul Pierce replacement, Clippers

Blake Griffin has started the 2017 season with sharp focus, in clear contrast to his previous seasons in the NBA that had ended with too many distractions and suspensions. But the Clippers power forward will be the one under a sharp knife on Tuesday for an “a routine arthroscopic procedure.”

Blake Griffin may miss three to six weeks after doctors remove “loose bodies” from his right knee. That means he may miss a total of six games during that span of time, and upon his return, the team is expected to treat it with caution.

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“It’s not anything serious,” a team official who requested anonymity told “He can literally play the way he is now, but why play when something is bothering you? Get it fixed now.”

Perhaps getting Blake Griffin to undergo surgery now with more than enough time for the post-season is the best decision for the team. Veteran Paul Pierce will replace him, but Doc Rivers said it will be a situational decision for the most part.

Blake Griffin replacement

“Paul Pierce will start tonight,” Rivers said in a report by ESPN. “There will be a night that Brandon [Bass] starts. There will be Austin [Rivers] start. It will probably be one of those three. But it will really go on personnel a lot for us.”

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“It will be opponent-based, and then sometimes I’ll just look at our team and forget the opponent on certain nights and say, ‘If we start this lineup, I think it’s tougher for them.'”

Paul Pierce on Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin ‘s absence will be huge for the Clippers, or for any team that loses a key player for some time. But Clippers’ Paul Pierce is looking at it in a positive way, taking the opportunity for the rest of the team to step up and learn things the hard way.

“We’re still one of the few teams that I think can lose one of their main guys and still go into games expecting to win,” Paul Pierce said, according to BleacherReport.

“Usually when we need a bucket or things are slow a little bit, we always play through Blake. Just the confidence that he gives us. Down the stretch, we have our two-man game. His presence of mind gives everybody a comfort level.”

Blake Griffin averaged 21.2 points, 8.8 rebounds and 4.7 assists this season.

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