Boston Celtics Update: Danny Ainge expects something ‘Big’ this summer

Boston Celtics president for basketball operations Danny Ainge the offseason is the most crucial for any team in the NBA and this offseason is no different as the 57-year old hints of something “Big” to come this summer.

For Boston Celtics president for basketball operations Danny Ainge the offseason is the most crucial for any team in the NBA and this offseason is no different as the 57-year-old executive hints of something “big” to come this summer.

The BYU standout told the media during Wednesday’s end-of-season news conference at the team’s training facility that patience combined with a little bit of luck will for sure bring good things to their rebuilding cause. In a report by ESPN, he added that the NBA lottery on May 17 will for sure be an exciting one and if luck favors them, for sure the skies in Boston will all be filled with fireworks.

“We look forward to every offseason. This offseason is bigger. My expectations are high this offseason. And yet I also know that it takes good fortune. We need the ping pong balls to bounce our way [at the draft lottery on May 17] to give us the best opportunity. Whether we use that pick or whether we trade that pick, and in free agency, we have opportunities. And that’s all we have,” Ainge said.

He also explained that there are no full guarantees of great things to come their way, but they have already laid out their back up plans that will for sure help in the upgrading of the team and getting better opportunities as well. He admitted that he was a bit frustrated as to how they exited this year’s season but hopes that their players would be able to bounce back from their respective injuries so that they could surpass their performance this year.

The Celtics had a good run this season, despite having no superstar on their roster they were able to survive some of the toughest matches that they had. They finished the regular season with a decent 48-34 win-loss record and they also had a good run in the postseason which did not go their way as they bowed to the Atlanta Hawks.

“We didn’t accomplish what we wanted to accomplish. I was a little bit disappointed in the last couple games of the playoffs, but I thought it was a really fun year, a really exciting year. I enjoyed it and I think our fans enjoyed the spirit of our team. But we all want to be playing for more important things and go deeper in the playoffs and that’s what we’re still on a path to,” Ainge explained.

He also went to the social media as he stated that for any rookie that they will pick, that player should be pact and built with a lot of toughness inside since the Boston Celtics is built on toughness ever since and their long history is the living testament to that. The Celtics has 17 NBA championship titles, 21 conference titles and 21 division titles.

Ainge was also straight forward in stating that they are giving it a go to pursue top free agents Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside and Al Horford and hopes that the Celtics tradition would be enough to lure any of the top free agents.

“There are many factors. And some places people want to be closer to the sun, closer to equator, and I think that there are just a lot of factors. But I do think that we are and we will be attractive to some free agents,” Ainge stressed.

Aside from looking ahead of the team’s future, Ainge has formally announced that their ace point guard Isaiah Thomas will represent their franchise to the lottery and with 15.6 percent chance to land the No.1 overall pick, Ainge is hoping Thomas can bring the Green some luck.

Photo Courtesy: Danny Ainge @danielrainge/Twitter

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