Brandon Ingram models his game after George Gervin

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In an interview with ESPN radio on Wednesday, top NBA prospect Brandon Ingram surprised many by revealing that he models his game after basketball legend George Gervin.

Brandon Ingram has a strong potential to become the number one pick in this year’s NBA draft along with the LSU Tigers’ Ben Simmons. Ingram comes out from Duke University and plays the small forward position.

Speaking on air, it was no surprise at how he tried to compare himself with Kevin Durant, who is a small forward, too, for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The reference to NBA legend, George Gervin reflected tomorrow’s potential great well-anchored to the past.

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“I try to compare myself to Kevin Durant a lot,” he said during the interview. “Of course he’s far beyond my years (in ages and experience). Even a guy named George Gervin, I look at his highlights a lot.”

With only a few days before the 2016 NBA Draft, it seems that stability is, in fact, a value that gives Ingram the edge against Ben Simmons. The Duke basketball star is known to be more dependable and steps up his game even more during tough situations. He can fill in for various positions anytime.

They are both offensive specialists, but Ingram shoots much better from behind the arc. He is much like George Gervin in this aspect of the game. Basketball experts regard Gervin to be among the best shooting guards of all time.

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Watching Brandon Ingram play may bring back shades of Gervin’s style, especially that they have a similar lanky physique. Both drive effectively to the basket, but Ingram displays more power, while Gervin’s trademark finger roll displays more finesse. They both have a cool demeanor even under pressure- a trait that earned George Gervin the nickname “Iceman”.

But if there is one aspect that both athletes share strongly that cannot be denied, regardless of playing style, it is that they are both winners. Albeit, generations apart, they are connected in time by their winning ways.

Brandon Ingram is the first basketball player in history to win four consecutive North Carolina State Championships.

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