Carmelo Anthony : Cavs drama nothing compared to the Knicks

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are making noise as of late, from LBJ’s Twitter rant to his unfollowing of the organization. But don’t tell that to Carmelo Anthony.

For Melo, the latest Cavs drama is nothing compared to the real drama in the New York Knicks. Carmelo calls the Cavs situation more of a farcical drama because the real one is in New York. Anthony could not help but laugh at the social media rants of his friend LeBron James.

“Cavaliers drama is more comical. Over here it’s drama, a different type of drama over here,” Anthony said. “It’s always something that they blow up. Him unfollowing the organization, shutting his Twitter down. It is always something over there along these lines.”

In an article that appears in ESPN, the Team USA member says that the drama in Cleveland is nothing compared to the drama that he endures every day with the Knicks. The drama in the team is constant compared to the Cavaliers.

Cleveland (50-20) is bearing down on the Eastern Conference’s top seed and are headed to the playoffs. The Knicks, on the other hand, are headed to their fourth losing season in the last five years. Adding to the drama is the recent dismissal of coach Derek Fisher in February and what Phil Jackson will do in free agency and with the coaching vacancy.

Many people think that constantly losing may eventually get on Melo’s head and force him out of New York. But this is unlikely as Anthony has a no-trade clause in his contract as he has kept on reiterating his desire to stay in New York and turn things around.

In relation to this, LBJ, in his recent interview with Bleacher Report, floated the idea of playing with friends Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul in one team. He even mentioned his willingness to take a pay cut just to play with his friends.

Melo has also recently made comments regarding the success of his friends James, Wade, and Chris Paul. “I don’t think envy is the right word. “I do look at my peers and say ‘Damn what am I doing wrong? I should be there.” Carmelo said.

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