Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose see the Knicks as one of the top seeds in the East, encourage former fans to return

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Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony have strong belief that the New York Knicks could enter the playoffs this season. The former MVP vows to bring back some of the Knicks fans they lost in the past years.

The Knicks entered the 2016-17 NBA season with the goal of contending for the championship title. They succeeded in upgrading their roster, starting by trading for Derrick Rose in late June. In the recent free agency, the Knicks acquired Brandon Jennings, Courtney Lee, and Joakim Noah.

Before the start of the season, some people claimed that the Knicks are now a “Super Team”. The Knicks struggled earlier this season mainly because of their lack of team’s chemistry. However, they managed to bounce back and are currently 16-13, 5th in the Eastern Conference.

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Derrick Rose is set to become a restricted free agent next summer. But he reveals his plan of re-signing with the Knicks in the 2017 NBA free agency. The 28-year-old point guard believes that if the Knicks will perform well this season, some fans they lost in the past years will return.

“We’re going to get to the point where we’re going to bring some Knick fans back to us,” Derrick Rose said. “Like the fans who gave up on the team probably a while ago, just off the strength of the direction, the team was going. We’re going to bring them back.”

Rose tries to return to his MVP form after suffering multiple injuries. So far, he’s averaging 16.8 points, 4.4 assists, and 4.0 rebounds. Though he is set to become a restricted free agent next summer, Rose reveals his intention to re-sign with the Knicks.

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Knicks president Phil Jackson eyes to give Carmelo Anthony his first NBA championship title this season. In order to strengthen their chance, Jackson surrounded him with quality players to help him bring the team back to contention. Anthony believes that the Knicks could be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference this season.

“With this team and the talent that we have, we have the opportunity to do something special and solidify ourselves as one of the top seeds in the East,” Carmelo Anthony said. “But we have to work on some things and get better.”

However, their previous game showed their need to improve on the defensive end. The acquisition of the former Defensive Player of the Year, Joakim Noah, is expected to boost the Knicks’ defense. Unfortunately, instead of improving, the Knicks defensive efficiency worsen this season.

Last season, they ranked 18th, allowing 104.8 points per possession. However, in 29 games this season, the Knicks ranked 25th, allowing 107.5 points per possession. The Knicks still have a long way to go and have more time to address the things they need to improve. If they manage to overcome their weaknesses, there is a higher possibility that the Knicks could challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers this season.

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