Why Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose & ‘super-team’ Knicks will likely struggle

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Carmelo Anthony (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr)

Thanks to Carmelo Anthony’s reliability during the Rio 2016 Olympics the USA men’s basketball team composed of the best NBA players such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were able to overcome tough challenges to win gold.

It wasn’t just his prolific scoring this time, but Carmelo Anthony shone as a leader by carrying the team and remaining calm all the way, especially against Australia where he scored 9 three-pointers.

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He was more mature, and according to a report by USA Today Jerry Colanelo, Team USA’s managing director, said. “I think that’s going to bode well for the Knicks, and for Carmelo going forward, and I want to just thank him for his great service to USA Basketball.”

In spite of Anthony’s stable performance during the Olympic games, many still believe he won’t be able to translate that when he comes back home to an NBA title.

There may be reasons for his lack of success in the league, such as his playing style not being as effective as it once was in today’s NBA style of basketball.

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When he goes back high-spirited with the New York Knicks it’ll sink in that he isn’t surrounded with the same depth of talent he had in Rio with players like Kevin Durant, Demarcus Cousins, or Paul George, etc. to spread the defense, which gives him opportunities to maneuver and find open spots.

In fact, according to a report by Hoops Rumors, his college coach Jim Boeheim isn’t too optimistic about his chances to ever win an NBA title.

“He’s unlikely to win an NBA title. He’s never been on a team that even had a remote chance of winning an NBA title. As a player, all you can do is try to make your team better and every team he’s been on he’s made them a lot better.”

“Denver hadn’t done anything prior to him getting there and he took them into the playoffs. They weren’t going to beat the Lakers or the Spurs. In those years, they won the championship most of the time.”

Derrick Rose raised eyebrows when he described the Knicks as a super team much like the Warriors with Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

Derrick Rose was so adamant and refused to take his statement back, in fact, in a report by Sports Illustrated Rose said, “…You should believe in yourself and have the confidence in yourself that you’re playing on a super-team anywhere. So I have a lot of confidence, and I’m not taking that back.”

Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony seems to be happy with what he’s achieved in his career- with or without a championship ring- knowing he’s given his all.

“I would be very happy walking away from the game knowing that I’ve given the game everything I have, knowing I played on a high level at every level: high school, college, won [a championship at Syracuse] in college and possibly three gold medals,” Anthony said.

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