Carmelo Anthony leaving Knicks for LA Clippers; Forming new ‘Big 3’ with CP3 and DeAndre Jordan

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Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks are expected to part ways in the upcoming offseason. After failing to move him before the trade deadline, Knicks president Phil Jackson will be more aggressive in moving Anthony this summer. Should the Los Angeles Clippers host a reunion between Melo and CP3?

In 2010 offseason, Carmelo Anthony requested a trade to the Knicks with the goal of ending the franchise’s decades of title drought. His first three seasons went well as they managed to enter the playoffs and even reached the Eastern Conference Semifinals. However, the last four seasons became a disaster with Anthony receiving all the blame.

Phil Jackson tried to trade him before the February deadline and start rebuilding the team around Kristaps Porzingis. Unfortunately, he failed to find an interested team and some NBA executives believe Jackson’s dispute with the Knicks star affected his trade value. However, the “Zen Master” will not stop until he gets rid of Anthony as plans to find him a new home once again this summer.

Carmelo Anthony forms new “Big Three” with CP3 & Jordan in LA

Carmelo Anthony isn’t the real Knicks’ problem. In the 2016-17 NBA season, the Knicks only won 9 out of 51 games without him on the court. Also, in 76 games he played, Anthony is still producing good numbers, averaging 22.4 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 2.9 assists.

However, with the drama between him and Jackson, it will be best for Anthony to play for another team next season. According to Chuck Modiano of New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Clippers will be the perfect trade destination for Anthony this summer.

“If there was ever a team tailor-made for Melo’s strengths, and vice versa, it’s the Clippers. Woodson is their assistant coach, Jordan is a bigger, better version of Chandler, and Chris Paul and Melo complete each other,” Modiano wrote.

Anthony played his best season with the Knicks under Mike Woodson, who’s currently Clippers assistant coach. He will undeniably perform better playing alongside close pal Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan.

NBA Trade: Carmelo Anthony, Kyle O’Quinn to Clippers for Blake Griffin

With the Clippers on the verge of elimination, Blake Griffin’s future in Los Angeles becomes uncertain. As Modiano notes, the Clippers could use Griffin as a trade asset to acquire Anthony from the Knicks.

“If Clippers management makes the decision to re-sign Paul and truly “go for it,” it should consider going all in on a Griffin-for-Anthony swap with a Kyle O’Quinn throw-in to help make up for lost age and rebounds. Griffin’s strong inside game is being wasted alongside Jordan but would benefit Porzingis,” Modiano added.

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