Cavaliers Disrespected Over Curry’s ‘Champagne’ Remark

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Monday night’s finals rematch between Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors saw Warriors defeating Cavaliers by 132-98.

Warriors’ Stephen Curry scored 35 points in three quarters.

However, prior to the match reminiscing about the last time he met Cavaliers when Warriors’ clinched the NBA title last June, Curry blurted out something that has reportedly not gone down well with the Cavaliers, reports FOX Sports.

According to the report, Curry said: “Obviously, walking in the locker room, it’ll be good memories. Hopefully, it still smells a little bit like champagne.”

Viewing Curry’s comment as a slight, many Cavaliers players are reportedly not happy with Curry’s comment and have termed it as “disrespectful”. reports that according to their sources “many members of the Cavaliers have taken exception to the quote and viewed it as “disrespectful.”

It also reports that when LeBron James finished up his media address after shoot around the morning, he walked away asking reporters why no one asked him about Curry’s comments. He also said that he had a perfect answer to Curry’s comments.

Curry, however immediately took to Twitter and posted: “#readthewholequote



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