Celtics GM Danny Ainge: ‘We want to keep Isaiah Thomas’

PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge revealed his plan to add at least one superstar on their team and keep the players who played an essential role this season. Of all the players on their roster, Ainge wants to keep Isaiah Thomas the most.

“Yeah, we can fit everybody in,” Ainge said. “But, listen, those are questions that I don’t even have answers for yet. That’s part of the difficult puzzle that is all hard. All I’m saying is those are things I have to worry about that even I don’t like to think about. And I know that those are going to be difficult decisions at some point. But we want to keep Isaiah. All I know is that he’s had an amazing year, and who doesn’t want Isaiah Thomas on their team? Like, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Isaiah Thomas played his best season so far since joining the NBA in 2011. In 76 games, he averaged 28.9 points and 5.9 assists on 46.3 percent shooting from the field and 37.9 percent from beyond the arc. He was also named to the All-NBA Second Team, marking the first All-NBA nod of his career.

Isaiah Thomas makes unselfish decision this summer

In the upcoming offseason, Thomas will be eligible to sign a massive contract extension. However, the 5-foot-9 guard urges the Celtics to focus on acquiring their target free agents than giving him an extension. Thomas said he can wait until he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2018.

“We need the best possible player that’s gonna help us win, and I’m with that,” Thomas said. “Anything Danny and this organization need me to do to help bring even more talent to this city, I’m all for that. I want to win a championship and being so close to getting to the Finals, that makes you want it that much more. I’m all help if they need it. I’ll be around.”

Thomas definitely knows they need more star power in order to dominate the Eastern Conference next season. His decision to set aside his extension would be a big help for the Celtics as they plan to lure big names in the upcoming free agency. Also, it remains a big possibility that they will use the No. 1 overall pick to trade for a superstar.

Who should the Boston Celtics target?

As of now, it’s crystal clear that the Celtics will consider upgrading their frontcourt. Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward emerged as the Celtics No. 1 target in free agency. Meanwhile, if Paul George or Jimmy Butler becomes available via trade, there is a higher a chance that the Celtics will consider offering a package centered on the No. 1 overall pick.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

Video courtesy: Youtube/NBA

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