Chicago Bulls update: Derrick Rose has coach’s support amidst injury struggles, trade rumors

Derrick Rose may decide to sit it out again when they face the Miami Heat as his injury is still far from healed that could send a bad signal to the Chicago Bulls organization, which is weighing its options for an offseason trade for him.

If decides to sit it out, Rose will be missing all four games for the Bulls as he tries to recuperate from his right hamstring tendinitis. He also underwent two surgeries to repair his knees, which kept him out of the floor for quite a while. That will spell bad timing for the team owner’s perspective as they will ask if they are getting their money’s worth for such player.

But Rose has an ally on the team as Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg told the Chicago Tribune that it’s hard to push a player to his limits and that even Rose would love to be back playing rather than sitting on the bench and giving encouraging words to his teammates.

“Look, nobody wants to be out there more than Derrick does. I know that. I talk to him every day. He cannot explode off that leg. Working him out, you can see it. He’s limping. He’s favoring the other leg. The last thing you want is for Derrick to be out there thinking about the leg and injury and if he can push off or not. He’s made progress. He’s doing a good job coming in here a couple times a day getting treatment on his leg,” Hoiberg said.

He added that everything will be up to Rose if he feels that he can handle playing with the pain or not. Hoiberg would rather have a fit and battle-ready Chicago Bulls roster rather than having them on the injured list come playoffs.

But as Rose thinks of his decision, the Chicago Bulls management has other plans on mind and that is weighing their options on whether to ponder on the team’s future or be back at the drawing boards again. During the trade deadline last month, the Bulls tried to put Rose as a trading chip in order to unload their salary cap and be able to get a healthier player to fill in the gap.

But the Bulls found Rose was a hard sell in the trading market as teams are also looking at future plans for their teams. They tried to lure the New York Knicks for a trade but it obviously did not work out and they are hoping to get it done again by the summer.

Aside from the Knicks another potential team that would want the services of Rose would be the Memphis Grizzlies. Rose played his college days in Memphis and bringing him side-by-side Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph might push them in the playoffs in the Western Conference.

Although things will still be determined going into the offseason and surely putting Rose in the trading block anew might spike up interest.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

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