Chris Bosh Health Update: Heat eager to remove Bosh’s salary from the book; Shows no indication of bringing him back

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Chris Bosh (Photo Courtesy: U.S. Embassy Ghana/Flickr)

Chris Bosh won’t be playing for the Miami Heat in the 2016-17 NBA season. According to general manager Andy Elisburg, they are now set to receive insurance relief from the balance of Bosh’s contract.

Chris Bosh last played on February 9. The Heat decided not to allow him to play this season due to health concerns. They need to wait at least one year before they can remove his salary from the book. The 32-year-old center/power forward is still under contract for three years worth $76 million.

According to Sun Sentinel, the Heat is positioned to recoup through insurance, $41 million of the remaining $76 million on Bosh’s contract.

“It doesn’t take over,” Elisburg said. “You’re allowed to then file for insurance. You’re still responsible for paying the salary. It isn’t something that’s the assumption of the salary. But you now have the opportunity to make an insurance claim, and it’s a per-game basis.”

The Heat faced the season without Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. So far, their current roster is not enough to bring them back into title contention. If they succeed to remove Bosh’s salary from the book, the Heat will have enough salary cap to sign superstar free agents next summer. However, Bosh is not yet giving up his basketball career and eyes to return next season.

“League sources said Bosh definitely wants to play again, but it’s likely not to be in Miami. The Heat could waive Bosh, but if he played 25 games this season with another team, they would get no cap relief in doing so. The Heat could trade Bosh to a club that feels he could play immediately and push it to a championship level,” Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn wrote.

The five-time NBA All-Star shows no indication that he will play for the Heat again. Once he recovers, Chris Bosh eyes to find another team that will give him the superstar treatment he deserves.


Photo courtesy: U.S. Embassy Ghana/Flickr

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