Coach Tyronn Lue on GSW: ‘They’re the best I ever seen’

PHOTOGRAPH: Erik Drost/Flickr | Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue

The Golden State Warriors extended their postseason run to 13-0 after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers, 113-91, in Game 1 of the NBA Finals 2017. Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue has nothing but praise for the Warriors, calling them the “best” team he has ever seen.

“They’re the best I ever seen,” Lue said. “I mean, no other team has done this, right? So 13-0, and they constantly break records every year, last year being 73-9, this year starting the playoffs 13-0. So, they’re playing good basketball. But we can play better.”

Coach Tyronn Lue is definitely aware of the Cavs’ poor performance on the defensive end of the floor. They let the Warriors have series of easy shots, including multiple dunks from Kevin Durant. To make their situation worse, they committed 20 turnovers while the Warriors only had four.

The Warriors only shot 42.5 percent from the field but still managed to end the game with a 22-point lead. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were noticeably struggling on the offensive end, only posting combined 15 points in Game 1. Lue vowed that the Cavaliers will play better in Game 2.

Kevin Durant earns LeBron James’ respect

It was the second time LeBron James and Kevin Durant faced each other in NBA Finals. In 2012, James’ Miami Heat defeated KD’s Oklahoma City Thunder. Like coach Tyronn Lue, James also claimed that the Warriors are the best team in the league and called them “juggernaut” and “beast.”

James, who finished with 28 points, 15 rebounds, and eight assists, has no excuse for their Game 1 loss. “The King” praised Durant for his impressive performance in his first Finals game as a Warrior. Durant led the Warriors with 38 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists.

“KD,” James said when asked what stood out about the Warriors’ romp. “I mean, you take one of the best teams that we had ever assembled last year, that we saw in the regular season and in the postseason, and then in the offseason, you add a high-powered offensive talent like that and a great basketball IQ like that, that’s what stands out. I mean, it’s no ifs, ands or buts. It is what it is. We got to figure out how to combat that, which is going to be a tough challenge for us.”

Can the Cavs bounce back in Game 2?

If they want to even the series before the series shift to Cleveland, the Cavaliers should make a huge adjustment with their game. With the Warriors’ having multiple options on the offensive end, the Cavaliers should double their effort on the defensive end. They should also limit their turnovers and increase their production off the bench. If they fail to address their weaknesses, the Cavaliers may end up as the Warriors’ next casualty in the NBA Playoffs 2017.

Photo courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr

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