Colin Cowherd on Russell Westbrook’s NBA MVP race: ‘He should be disqualified’

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Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook has been touted by many to be a deserving MVP, should he finish the season averaging a triple-double. However, there seems to be one who doesn’t want to jump on the bandwagon and feels that the point guard (PG) should be disqualified for his performances against playoff contenders.

Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports has stated that the 28-year-old Westbrook flops on television games. Cowherd has argued that on TV one needs to play against good teams and that is where the man from Long Beach, California has failed to make his mark.

“Shouldn’t his performances last night on television, he’s just not good, not be qualifying him but disqualifying him? It’s the story that’s not talked about. He seems to get more popular with every bad television performance,” Cowherd said.

“And what’s remarkable is last night’s another example. He’s not good on TV. He’s not good on the television games, because to get television you have to play good teams in the NBA.”

Thunder less competitive without Kevin Durant

Cowherd was mentioning the Thunder’s 111-95 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Monday. The 53-year-old stated that the Thunder were more competitive against the Warriors with Kevin Durant was playing for them.

Without Durant, Sam Preti’s men have a record of 0-4 with four blowout losses. This is where Cowherd has questioned the credibility of Russell Westbrook to become the MVP.

“He’s a delusional ballhog, and he’s bad on television games. He’s been on television 20 times this year; they’re four games under .500. And against .500-or-better teams, and those are the games that get on TV, he shoots 39 percent. Not on threes! He shoots 39 percent. LeBron’s close to 55 percent,” Cowherd stressed.

Westbrook creates history against 76ers

Russell Westbrook became the first player on Wednesday to record a triple-double while going perfect from the floor and the free throw line. Westbrook shot 6-of-6 from the floor and 6-of-6 from the free throw line, finishing with 18 points, 11 rebounds and 14 assists in 27 minutes.

“He really did a good job. You look at the stat line and it is an interesting stat line, isn’t it? It was eye-popping, but he just doesn’t go away,” Brett Brown, Sixers coach said, as reported by ESPN.

This was the first game ever when Westbrook was perfect from the field. It was also the first time in 83 games when he didn’t attempt a 3-pointer.

Photo courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr

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