Damian Lillard ready to conquer MVP race, Steve Kerr thinks so; No faith in Curry and Durant

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Damian Lillard
Photo courtesy: michalkajzerek/Flickr

After pulling off a success on his debut rap album, Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard is now also being considered for the NBA 2016-2017 MVP award.

Lillard’s team made a very good impression last season winning 44 wins and placing fifth in the Western Conference. The young point guard and the rest of the team were also projected to only post 26 wins but proved their doubters otherwise.

When it comes to the MVP race, Lillard’s name has been flying over the radar lately and who’s one of his unlikely supporters? Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. According to CBS Sports, Kerr thinks that neither Durant nor Curry will take home the award this season. He compares the whole scenario to a presidential election where Durant will take MVP votes away from Curry.

“I think KD is kinda like Gary Johnson, a third-party guy who is going to come in and take a few votes from Steph, takes some from LeBron and then Damian Lillard wins the election,” Kerr said.

Also, according to FanSided, Durant’s departure from Oklahoma City to join the Warriors means that the MVP award would somehow be an impossible task for any Warrior. Lillard, on the other hand, will have a higher chance if his team improves a lot this upcoming season.

“MVP, I want to be the MVP,” Lillard stated. “I think if we come and do the things that we’re capable of doing as a team and win games, I think that means my performance will be at the level of the MVP.”

Meanwhile, this is not a surprise for Lillard since he has always been a confident player on the court but Kerr’s statement seem to mean that he neither has that much faith in Curry to pull off a three-peat nor Durant for that matter. Maybe he’s just trying to boost their morale for next season? Who knows?

Photo courtesy: michalkajzerek/Flickr

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