Pelicans’ Dejean-Jones killed after entering the wrong apartment

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Bryce Dejean-Jones of New Orleans Pelicans has been shot dead on early Saturday for kicking the door of and barging in the wrong apartment, according to officials.

The Dallas police said that a resident of an apartment in Camden Belmont Apartments was sleeping when someone kicked open his front door. He called out to the stranger, but the stranger did not call back, opting the resident to get his handgun. When the stranger kicked the bedroom door open, the resident fired his gun to the stranger.

The stranger was Dejean-Jones, who apparently accidentally entered someone else’s apartment instead of his girlfriend’s who lives in the same Apartment building and who he was visiting on that fateful day, his daughter’s first birthday.

It is Jones’ first time to visit his girlfriend’s apartment, and he went to the third floor of the building instead of the fourth where his girlfriend’s apartment was located at, according to his agent, Scott Nichols.

“He went to the wrong apartment unfortunately and I think he thought his girlfriend locked him out, so he was knocking on the door, banging on the door, it’s locked,’’ said Nicholls.

Jones was found collapsed in the hallway of the apartment with a gunshot in his abdomen and died later in the hospital.

Police have not yet mentioned if there will be charges pressed against the shooter. In Texas, it is legal to use deadly force when people feel threatened in their own home.

Jones’ teammates and the NBA have expressed their condolence through social media. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement that ” Bryce inspired countless people with his hard work and perseverance on his journey to the NBA, and he had a bright future in our league.”

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