DeMarcus Cousins Trade: Three-team swap ends Cousins with Celtics as Rudy Gay goes to Thunder

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Three-team swap ends Cousins with Celtics as Rudy Gay goes to Thunder?
A three-team trade suggests the Sacramento Kings send Cousins to the Boston Celtics and send Rudy Gay to Oklahoma City Thunder.

DeMarcus Cousins value with the Sacramento King has increased and many see that this could be the opportunity to bring him to the trade table. A three-team trade suggests the Kings send Cousins to the Celtics and send Rudy Gay to Oklahoma City Thunder.

In the proposed deal, Cousins together with Ersan Ilyasova ends up with the Celtics while Gay ends up with the Thunder. The Kings would receive Amir Johnson, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown and Kyle Singler.

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According to Bleacher Report with the Kings, Cousins and Gay need to increase their output and get wins to lead the team to a playoff run. Thus doing the trade would give the Kings the rebuild they needed. Spreading the floor and scoring chores would overachieve themselves this season. They might make a run for the playoffs but at least they could be a potent destination going to the free agency next summer.

With Cousins in the Celtics’ roster, they would be a contender material this season. Boogie together with Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas could make up for their own version of a “Big Three.” Cousins could take care of things inside the paint while Horford and Thomas could stretch the defense all the way out.

For the Kings, this deal would be a great rebuilding process having Johnson, Brown, and Singler in the forward position while Smart helps in spreading the floor. Johnson, Brown, and Singler could solidify the void that both Cousins and Gay will leave. Currently, the Kings roster looks horrible and getting the trade would give them flexibility.

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For the Thunder, they someone who could fill the void that Kevin Durant left this summer and Gay could fill that. Russell Westbrook needs a partner on the floor that could bring them back as contenders.

Cousins increased his value after his performance with Team USA in the recent Rio Olympics which the Kings may take advantage. Aside from Cousins, Gay is open for a trade where he could repackage himself on both ends of the floor. The trade seems possible and will only get through if team involve sit down and talk business.

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