DeMarcus Cousins Trade Update: Big man not available anymore, long-term deal with Sacramento Kings seen

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DeMarcus Cousins (Photo Courtesy: Mike/Wikimedia)

For all the DeMarcus Cousins trade rumors the past few years, the big winners expect his current team is, the Sacramento Kings. According to reports, the Kings have decided to stick with the big man and offer him a maximum contract worth about $200 million when the chance comes.

CSN California reported last week that the Kings are preparing for a huge contract extension for their franchise player. Because of the new stipulations in the new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), Cousins sets to qualify for the “designated player extension”.

No more DeMarcus Cousins trade talk: Huge contract extension for big man next summer

This means that Cousins will earn the huge contract extension by summer next year. This will also stop the Kings from worrying about any trade demand from Cousins or his decision to explore free agency in the summer of 2018 when his current contract expires.

Marc Stein of ESPN also declared the DeMarcus Cousins trade stories done for now because of the new labor deal for the NBA and its players. The NBA analyst confirmed that according to his sources, the Kings plan to offer Cousins the long-term deal assuring that no deal will happen before the February trade deadline.

Cousins signed a four-year deal worth $65 million with the Kings in 2014. His current contract expires after the 2017-2018 season with an average annual salary of about $16.4 million.

For Cousins, the Kings’ offer will be hard to pass up since the annual salary will almost double and the total value of the contract could pass $200M. This will make him one of the highest-paid players in the entire league.

The Kings are currently at 16-22 for the season. They tied with the Portland Trail Blazers for the eighth and final spot in the Eastern Conference. Cousins leads the Kings in scoring (28.0 points), rebounding (10.1 rebounds) and blocks (1.4 blocks) in per game averages.

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Photo Courtesy: Mike/Wikimedia Commons

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