Derrick Rose absence inexcusable, but Knicks‘ coach Phil Jackson can’t do much about it

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Derrick Rose (Photo Courtesy: Jumpy News/Flickr)

Prior to the start of the 2017 NBA season the Knicks drew mixed reactions after Derrick Rose described themselves as a super team. The former NBA MVP may have been carried away with his emotions a bit, and some were willing to give them a chance to prove themselves.

The time has come for Phil Jackson and the Knicks to show their worth, but so far they have lost seven of their last eight games. They were in dire need to beat a modest Pelicans team on Monday, but instead they took a humbling 110-96 loss at Madison Square Garden.

Fans were at a loss for words, while Phil Jackson and his team were left baffled after losing their point guard Derrick Rose for no known reason. He was back in practice on Tuesday. But the reasons he gave management were just as confusing as his decision to go AWOL and refuse attempts to reach him.

Derrick Rose goes AWOL

Derrick Rose said he just “needed space,” when asked why he didn’t answer his phone calls. As to the reason for his absence? “It was a family issue,” Derrick Rose said in a report by The Inquirer. “For one, it had nothing to do with the team or basketball. That’s the first time I ever felt like that emotionally and I had to be with my family.”

As a result, the Knicks fined Rose for an undisclosed amount. He’s been fined the bare minimum for his unusual behavior, which begs the question if it is preventive enough for future repetition.

Is this a ground enough for a potential consideration to trade Derrick Rose? Perhaps the better question should be, why did Phil Jackson and the Knicks hire him in the first place knowing the trouble he’s likely to cause?

Thorny Rose

Derrick Rose averages 17.3 points in 33 games. He is way past his prime, and many doubt his salary is worth the risk and headaches he’d cause.

“He’s a horribly inefficient shooter, he puts up little defensive resistance at the point of attack, and his moments of exciting play don’t translate to consistent, quality offense,” according to a report by SportsIllustrated.

Apart from this, Derrick Rose injuries make him too vulnerable. Even though he has been comparatively healthy this season, still his shooting has been terrible, and he lacks lateral mobility.

In spite of this, Phil Jackson has no other option but to accept Derrick Rose, for the same baffling reasons he traded for him in the first place. Unfortunately, the Knicks are playing better with him despite him being one of the worst point guards in the league defensively.

“Say this for Rose after his inexplicable no-show: at least he resurfaced and faced the cameras. Jackson, meanwhile, is still hiding from the fallout of his own poor decisions,” the report by Sports Illustrated goes in closing.

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Photo Courtesy: Jumpy News/Flickr

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