Derrick Rose civil rape trial: Accuser files appeal

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Derrick Rose civil rape trial
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The woman who filed a civil gang rape case against Derrick Rose and two friends of his recently lost the case. Undaunted, she appeals against the decision of the jury barely 24 hours before the 30-day deadline ended in the Derrick Rose civil rape trial. Incidentally Derrick Rose is the guard of the New York Knicks.

The appeal

Jane Doe, as she was referred to in the lawsuit, best known as the ex-girlfriend of Rose claimed that the jury instructions were tainted and available evidence excluded in the Derrick Rose civil rape trial. The Associated Press first made the report of the appeal.

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What was the verdict

On Oct. 19, the eight-person jury deliberated for around three hours before deciding on a ruling. According to them, Rose along with his friends was “not liable on all counts” of civil complaints. The complaints included sexual battery and conspiracy to commit rape and trespass.

As per one of the jurors in the Derrick Rose civil rape trial, “I think most of us believe it’s possible there are pieces of her story that were true, but there just wasn’t any evidence.”

The actual case

The accuser said that Rose along with his companions trespassed into her apartment in the year 2013. Then they proceeded to have group sex. All the while the woman was too intoxicated to be able to give consent in full consciousness. The standpoint of Rose and his companions was that while they did have sexual intercourse with the alleged woman she was not unconscious as she claimed. As per them, the sexual act was performed very much with her consent.

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Recouping legal costs

Earlier Tuesday, Rose’s lawyer team had revealed that they wanted to recoup $70,000 in legal costs from the former girlfriend of Rose.

Interestingly, no criminal charges were brought forth against Rose and his friends. The woman only filed a lawsuit claiming $21.5 million. Rose, aged 28, is supposed to earn around $21.3 million in the current season of the NBA itself.


Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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