Derrick Rose Contract: Knicks to offer an extension to veteran PG

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Knicks to offer an extension to veteran PG?
Rumors are swirling that with the progress Derrick Rose has shown, the New York Knicks could extend his tenure with the team.

The New York Knicks tries to breeze through this season with the option to give out extensions to needed pieces. With the progress Derrick Rose has shown, the Knicks could extend his tenure with the team.

The Knicks suffered their ninth straight setback with their 112-103 loss to Oklahoma City Thunder. But Rose played one hell of a game, finishing with 30 points with seven rebounds and four assists. He managed to stay healthy which could hint for a lucrative offer from the Knicks late in the season.

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According to NY Post, Rose could receive a “veteran extension” guarantee. And as per CBA rules, Rose may receive a high paycheck starting with a 7.5 percentage increase. Rose still has roughly over $21 million left on his contract for this season. With the CBA rule, Rose could receive a package extension of three years at $75 million.

“I haven’t talked to them about it,” Rose said. “It’s been more about winning games. We’ll see. I’m more concerned trying to win games, but it’s something I’d have to talk about with my family and team.”

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If the new salary cap that gets implemented next summer, Rose could get a maximum package up to $175 million. That is if Rose decides to stay with the Knicks for five years. Knicks’ president Phil Jackson and General Manager Steve Mills have not given any statement about Rose’s contract talks.

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However, many still doubt the Knicks would give Rose a lucrative pending his worth in the market come free agency. CBS Sports notes being injury prone and with his rape case, the Knicks doubt to make Rose their franchise player.

Rose will become a free agent in the offseason and likely the Knicks will test if he is still marketable. It is a risk the Knicks are willing to take, but they can also look at other options available.

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