NBA Rumor: Derrick Rose leaves Bulls, 5 possible teams revealed

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose rumored to leave Chicago Bulls soon. Reasons were surprising.

News popped out that if Chicago Bulls won’t have Andrew Wiggins from the Minnesota Wolves, it was clear Jimmy Butler won’t be given up by the team.

A Recent report mentioned Bulls thought of having the second bet if they wouldn’t have the rookie in their hands. Butler won’t be the best choice as a trade, Basketball Insiders stated.

He said,” Yes… Bulls open for business.”

“The Bulls are not actively considering trading butler – at least not yet. League sources in Italy say the Bulls are actively open to moving guard Derrick Rose and that seems to be the first choice rather than shopping Butler,” he continued.

If the trading pursued as Steve Kyler from Basketball Insiders shared via Twitter, Chicago Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose might be the best option due to many reasons.

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First, the all-star player entered his final year of the contract this year. Obviously, Bulls would take this situation as their best advantage of letting go Rose from the team.

Second, Bulls might have thought of taking him out from the team due to financial troubles between both parties.

Reports noted that Rose had commented many times about the ballooning salary cap causing dismay from the Bulls office and Bulls fans, too.

Third, after his contract with Bulls ends this year, he would be considered a free man since until now, there were no teams hinted to pick for the next season. His fixed $21.3 million salaries might be the main reason.

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Given these conditions, it would be possible that Rose may leave Chicago Bulls after this season and land to another team.

If so, there were 6 predicted destinations revealed. According to Fansided, rumors cited Derrick Rose may land in Oklahoma City Thunder, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Utah Jazz, Sacramento Kings, and Philadelphia 76ers.

Yet, these speculations whether Derrick Rose would leave Chicago Bulls for real or exchanging him to the Minnesota Wolves as a trade might change later on.

Possibilities for the team remained open as long as their goal of getting Andrew Wiggins as their official new player is achieved.

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