Draymond Green doesn’t like Cavs much, disagrees with LeBron James

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Cavs LeBron James, Rajon Rondo
Cavs LeBron James, Rajon Rondo

NBA fans weren’t sure if they heard LeBron James the first time. On Sunday, the Cavs team captain told the media that he doesn’t believe the Cavs have any rivals. He would not even call the Warriors that, after both teams intensely vied for the NBA championships twice in a row.

It was only a matter of time before we would hear somebody from either team voice out his dissent. It came to no surprise for everyone when the Cavs coach, Tyronn Lue himself disagreed with LeBron James ‘ no-rival notion.

“Two teams that have been to the Finals in back to back years, (and) we split, so I would consider it a rivalry,” Lue said in a report by USA Today. “But we’re both trying to figure it out, both teams trying to figure it out right now. Us having a new addition with Kyle and trying to implement him into what we’re doing and what he likes to do, so both teams trying to figure it out and it’ll be a good game on Monday.”

Unsurprisingly, Warriors ‘ coach Steve Kerr voiced out his opinion about the Cavs healthy competition. “It’s a great rivalry. I think it’s a game that everybody who follows the NBA looks forward to. There’s only two of them in the regular season, and we’ve played them back to back in the Finals, so it’s become a much-anticipated rivalry game. It’s good for the game. It’s good for us. It’s good for them, and it should be fun.”

Draymond Green disagrees with LeBron James

It’s hard to follow LeBron James ‘ line of thinking when he says the Warriors are not their rivals, especially after they lost Golden State. James even feels the Warriors are even greater this year with Kevin Durant.

However, the outspoken Draymond Green sounded off against LeBron James ‘ assessment. Asked whether he sees the Cavs as rivals to the Warriors, he replied, “Yeah, I think it’s a rivalry.”

“Just me, though. It’s definitely fun. A team that you beat, that’s beat you, it’s definitely fun. I think you look at the two years, and this year, we’ve been the top two teams in the league each year,” Draymond Green said in a report by CBSSports.

“So I look at it as a rivalry, and it’s definitely a fun game to play in. But I don’t really care if anyone else sees the game the way I see it. I see it how [I] see it and they can see it how they do. I don’t really care. It’s fun, though.”

No love for Cavs

“I don’t have much love for the Cleveland Cavaliers at all, nor do I think they have much love for us,” Draymond Green told CBSSports.

The Cavs and Warriors seem to be bound to meet in the finals once again this season. If they meet again, Draymond Green wants to make sure they “completely destroy” and “annihilate” the Cavaliers.

“Regardless of if Bron thinks this is a rivalry or not, I know he wants to beat us,” Draymond Green added. “And we want to beat them. And that’s enough in itself. You see each other two times a year, you want to beat each other. Then, obviously, if you’re fortunate enough to make it to the NBA Finals, like the past two years, you see each other again.”

If that’s not what defines a rivalry, we don’t know what does.

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