Draymond Green on LeBron James: ‘We are friends’

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Draymond Green on LeBron James: 'We are friends'

In spite of the off-court remarks and physical play all throughout the recent 2016 NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green says there is no real beef between him and LeBron James outside of basketball.

The versatile big man sat down with Draft Kings TV to talk about what goes down between him and the 2016 NBA Finals MVP. Fans have watched these two stalwarts grind it out in the seven-game series which became very interesting down the stretch.

The Dubs were supposed to finish off the Cavs earlier. Then again, as a result of Green’s antics during play which forced him to sit down for Game 5, they were not able to do so. Eventually, with the heroics of the King and his trusty buddy Kyrie Irving, Oakland’s own lost in dramatic fashion in front of their home crowd.

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In the interview, Green told the Draft Kings that lots of people are pinning himself against LeBron but that does not necessarily mean that they actually hate each other. Green said, “Me and Lebron are friends. We’re business partners.”

Well, if he is talking about the business of “making things interesting”, then probably every NBA fan would agree that they have been successful in doing so.

Green added though that even if he thinks that they are “friends” and “business partners”, he would still go at LeBron the next time they meet on the court. He is sure that the King would do the same.

“That’s the game we play,” he said.

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Green’s perspective paints a picture of what it is like to be around a league that is poised for a high level of competition. Off-court relationships and ties with players on the opposing end will have to be forgotten for 48 minutes or at least until the last OT buzzer sounds.

“What happens on the court also stays on the court,” he added.

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