Draymond Green’s versatility a major factor in Warriors’ system as Golden State beats Boston

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Draymond Green, Warrior

Golden State Warriors registered another victory Sunday against Portland Trail Blazers, and somehow helping erase previous mistake of Draymond Green on their last game against the Boston Celtics. NBA rumors and news feasted for a while on the loss of Golden State Warriors against Boston Celtics where Draymond Green fumbled in the final minute closing the boards 109-106.

As Warriors head coach Steve Kerr would describe the game, “slippage” among his players were dominant, in both passing and defense.

With the Warriors winning against Portland, 136-111, it seems like the costly turnover of Green was somehow erased. Playing almost 36 minutes, the 23-year-old forward managed to produce a triple-double with 22 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. Green who averages 13 points and 9 rebounds this season, has once again proven his value to Kerr’s system

This recent achievement of Green though not the last is considerably a testament to his significant role in his team. Though the role is deemed as uncertain by some NBA enthusiasts and even by the Warriors own assistant GM Bob Myers, he still fills a vital spot like Stephen Curry.

“I don’t know what position Draymond Green should play. Is he a better 5, 4, or 3? Who knows? Who cares? He helps you win.” Myers said via Boston Globe.

“That’s the question that everybody is asking. What does [Green or Curry] do? The answer is that he wins. I think sometimes in our position, we lose sight of that skill. Winning is a skill. We need to put more emphasis on players who win. It doesn’t matter how they do it.”

Though Green’s position is difficult to identify, the whole team is certain with each of their roles in winning every game. Facing the rare chance of a back-to-back defeat, the Golden State Warriors bounced back as they usually do. Once again they have proven that they are a team who “love to play and they hate to lose.

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