Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler bond; Butler starts in All-Star for the first time

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Dwyane Wade has been one of the premier shooting guards in the NBA for the past decade. After fourteen years in the league it still remains if he’ll make it to the All-Star reserve once the list is out, but he and teammate Jimmy Butler have each other’s back.

Dwyane Wade shocked basketball fans when he announced his decision to move from Miami to the Chicago Bulls. It was a manifestation of his changes in his priorities, and perhaps after all those years of being aggressive on court he’s learned to make wise decisions that cater more to his renewed personal outlook as a player.

“He got my vote. I will tell you that,” Jimmy Butler said in a report by the ChicagoTribune. “He’s been a huge part of what we’re doing here and he has played extremely well the first part of the season.”

There’s more to that when it comes to the Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler connection. Not only does Butler have full confidence on Wade, but the latter too made a decision to join the Bulls citing Butler as a major factor.

So big in fact is Jimmy Butler to Dwyane Wade that if the Bulls decide to trade him before the deadline, Wade practically doesn’t see his future any longer with the team.

“… One of the main reasons I’m here is Jimmy. He’s the one who called me and got me to come here. So that’s a big part of my decision and everything else, is what Jimmy’s doing, what his future looks like and all that. And I’ve made it very clear. So I have no idea from that standpoint. You just have to wait and see and then see what works out,” Dwyane Wade told ESPN.

The Bulls almost traded Jimmy Butler in the middle of 2016 to go for a full rebuild. They still have to make a final decision if they want to revamp their roster or to keep their core talents.

Jimmy Butler as All-Star starter

Speaking of talents, Jimmy Butler gets voted for the first time in his career as a starter. He’ll be joining Cavs leader LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Giannis Antetokounmpo and DeMar DeRozan for the Eastern Conference in New Orleans on Feb.19th.

“Obviously, it’s a huge accomplishment and honor to be named a starter. But it’s All-Star weekend. There are going to be a lot of good players there. I guess it’s just another name thrown in with some decent players,” Jimmy Butler said in a report by the Chicago Tribune.

Asked about the impact this has made on him, Butler remarked that it hasn’t changed his perspective at all, that it would mean “absolutely nothing to him.”

But that’s Jimmy Butler for you. He’s always focused on the games that matter down the stretch, as the essence of his loyalty and friendship with Dwyane Wade do.

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