Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler tired of Bulls’ performance

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Dwyane Wade, Bulls, Jimmy Butler
Dwyane Wade, Bulls, Jimmy Butler

Dwyane Wade shocked NBA fans when he decided, as if out of the blue, to leave the Heat for the Bulls. Even before the season started it didn’t seem a promising move, especially with Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo‘s playing style redundancies.

But Dwyane Wade seemed wise enough to make the right decision after being in the league for so long. He maintained that it really was not a career move, and that he wanted to play for his hometown and help Chicago’s youth.

Dwyane Wade claims he’s no longer “ring chasing,” but he will always be a complete professional with standards embedded in his mind. An NBA title may not be at the top of his priority list right now, but it doesn’t mean he’s the kind of guy who would just play poorly and not care.

In fact, when the Bulls lost to the Atlanta Hawks 102-93 Dwyane Wade stated a public apology for his “awful” performance. Not really the kind of behavior expected of a seasoned star who’s won three NBA titles and appeared in five finals.

Jimmy Butler echoes Dwyane Wade ‘s sentiments

Part of the reason why Wade is in Chicago is his teammate Jimmy Butler. If the Bulls figures out a way of shipping away Butler in the near future, it is possible that could end Wade’s tenure with the team too. Let’s just say both of them have a strong bond and are good friends.

Unsurprisingly, Jimmy Butler chimed in with Dwyane Wade ‘s apology. “I’ve been, we’ve been tired of this. We got to come out better, man. We got to start playing better from the jump. Forty-eight minutes, man. It’s terrible basketball. That’s not the way we’re supposed to play,” Jimmy Butler said in a report by USA Today.

The trio of Wade, Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler has glaring problems. Apart from all of them being ball dominant, they struggle with their 3-point range. “It’s so disappointing because the way we practice isn’t the way that we play in the game. Don’t ask me why – I don’t know. Starting from me going all the way down the line, we’ve got to be better as a whole, as a team. Otherwise, we’re just going to keep getting our [butts] beat. It’s bad,” Jimmy Butler added.

Dwyane Wade reconsidering future with Bulls

Things have not turned out as Wade had expected it. If the Bulls commits to a full rebuild and releases Jimmy Butler, it means he may go elsewhere too. But added to this dilemma is the team’s inconsistencies.

“… I think the thing with this team — and I’ve been saying it all year — is you have to learn how hard it is to win. Some nights we take the approach where we’ll do anything to try to get a win. And some nights we just go through the motions,” Dwyane Wade told

But maybe it isn’t just about commitment, but also how they are built right from the start. The Bulls are a team fitted with odd pieces altogether. “It’s not that easy when you’re not just overly talented and you can go out there and you got three guys who can get 20 plus (points). It’s hard to win in this league,” Wade added.

The Bulls are far from being serious contenders at the moment. They sure are farther away from being a team rich with talent like the Warriors. So what’s next for Wade? He said how much earnings one wants to make factors in, and “It depends on what city you’re willing to be in. So it’s a lot of variables to that.

“But no question about it, what happens throughout this year as I go into my summer, I’ll definitely take a look at it. I take my career seriously, and where I am, where I want to be, and I will do the same thing this summer,” Dwyane Wade said to address the concern.

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