Experts applaud Allen exploits in wake of Ray Allen retirement

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Ray Allen Retirement
Picture Courtesy:Keith Allison/ Flickr

Critics and basketball lovers unequivocally praised the great achievements that Allen had achieved in the course of his career the wake of the announcement of Ray Allen Retirement. A legend in his lifetime, Allen is considered to be the greatest 3-pointer the NBA had ever seen. He has no less than 2,973 3-pointers over the course of his career that lasted for 18 years, a record few believe can only be broken by Stephen Curry.

The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver heaped praises on the legend and called him “an extraordinary player,” further adding “On behalf of the NBA family, I want to thank him for being a wonderful ambassador for the game,” according to

Curry confided his estimation of Allen to ESPN “To me, he’s the greatest shooter ever because of his longevity, he did it year-to-year and he got up on his shot. That’s what made him different. He was a special player.”

Observers who have watched and endeared the game for all these years and have had the opportunity to watch Allen in his prime are unlikely to disagree.

Allen won championships in Miami and Boston and is credited with arguably the most memorable shot in the history of the finals of the NBA. There were rumors every now and then during the last two years of a comeback but the hopes of fans were dashed by the announcement of Ray Allen retirement in a post on the website of The Players’ Tribune.

Besides basketball, Allen also starred in “He Got Game,” a Spike Lee film released in 1998. His work ethic in addition to his enduring commitment to be on top of the game as far as physical fitness is considered is widely known amongst the fraternity of basketball players.

Ray Allen retirement is indeed a reason for despair amongst the people who love basketball and the NBA.

Picture Courtesy:Keith Allison/ Flickr

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