Gameplay for 2K17 leaked online ahead of official trailer release [VIDEO]

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Gameplay for 2K17 leaked online
Gameplay for 2K17 leaked online

2K Sports finally revealed the NBA 2K17 trailer on Monday, a month ahead of the game’s anticipated release. Initial fan reactions have been nothing less than positive, thanks for the preview’s demonstration of the upcoming game’s smooth graphics, improved user experience and Kevin Durant’s new uniform. Fans also got another surprise over the weekend as gameplay for 2K17 leaked online, showing a demonstration of, what could be, next season’s finals between Cleveland and Golden State.

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The video, which was leaked from Gamescom, was uploaded on YouTube by user Chris Smoove, displaying two-minutes of 2K17’s enhanced gameplay capabilities. According to the video, apart from the noticeably smoother graphics, developers also added more depth and realism to the game. One example was that if too many skill moves are used during the game, the player will dribble the ball lower to recover.

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More details of the gameplay for 2K17 leaked online can be seen in the footage below.

Meanwhile, the official 2K17 trailer, “Friction,” gives fans a clearer and better idea of what to expect from the video game. From cheerleaders, shirt-cannons, and 3D pre-game introductions-the 2K sports team added a bevy of improvements that is sure to make the gaming experience more fun and unique.

New individual player celebrations have also been added from Lakers’ D’Angelo Russel’s “ice in my veins” to Damian Lillard’s time checking gestures-which add to the realism of the game. The new faces and new uniforms among the old teams have also been updated. Fans may still feel slightly off seeing Derrick Rose in a Knicks uniform, or Rondo in Chicago Bulls red, but as the trailer goes along, everything will feel like they all just fit in.

Kobe’s back in number 8 by the way. Look for him in the trailer below.

NBA 2K17 will be out September 20 for normal people and September 17 for real NBA fans who pre-ordered.

Photo Courtesy: Marco Verch/ Flickr

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