Golden State Warriors News: Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant not buying into the noise, except Klay Thompson, emotional as ever

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Golden State Warriors news, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors news, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, annoyed by LeBron James and Cavs

The Golden State Warriors news raised brows when the supposed super team led by Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and, now, Kevin Durant succumbed to the Spurs in their first game. Naturally, expectations are high on a team that’s heavily favored to win this season’s NBA finals vs. the Cavs.

The Golden State Warriors had only won their first real knock out the win against the Blazers, after tough victories against Pelicans and the Suns. Stephen Curry seemed like his old self, and his tandem with Kevin Durant started to pay off. But the criticisms still keep coming.

“We can’t control that,” Stephen Curry said in a report by ABC News.

“Preseason is one thing, but then you get to the regular season, and it’s kind of like we’re supposed to be 100 percent dialed in and blowing people out every night. We understand that’s not going to happen,”

“It sucked that we didn’t win our first game [against San Antonio], but we don’t buy into the noise, really, because there’s so much to accomplish. There was no need to get crazy after one game.”

After the Cavs hosted a Halloween party with Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry ‘s names imprinted on tombstone cookies, Kevin Durant didn’t let it get under his skin. The same can be said with Stephen Curry, but Klay Thompson seemed annoyed by it.

Are they going to let this psychological warfare bother their game? Golden State Warriors news speculates.

“Man, I don’t care about that.” Klay Thompson said, clearly distracted, in a report by Sporting News.

Klay Thompson walked out last season after the Warriors 3-1 lead collapsed, and the Cavs won Game 7. He’s had personal issues after that with Draymond Green, and when Kevin Durant joined in, the Golden State Warriors news reported Klay Thompson being discomfited about having to adjust his game.

There are NBA rumors going around that Klay Thompson ‘s attitude could trigger a trade in the future if it becomes too negative for his teammates if he drags them down. But none of that is credible yet at this point.

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and the rest of the Golden State Warriors are starting to pick up their game. Hopefully, Klay Thompson and his emotions won’t affect them.

Stephen Curry scored 23 points, while Kevin Durant piled 20 against the Blazers via Golden State Warriors news.

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