Golden State Warriors Rumors: Naming JaVale McGee as starting center

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Photo courtesy: Hwojnicki/Wikimedia Commons

The “Super Team” Golden State Warriors still have a problem, and that’s deciding which big man to start or become part of their frontcourt rotation for the new NBA season. According to rumors, there’s a chance that veteran and controversial center JaVale McGee could start at the center spot for the Warriors.

McGee, who is criticized around the league by analysts and fans for his “low basketball IQ”, was signed to a camp deal by the Warriors.

Golden State was the winner in the offseason by stealing Kevin Durant in free agency from rivals Oklahoma City Thunder. However, they had to make more moves because they gutted their team in signing Durant. Among the free agency signings, which came at cheap deals, are Zaza Pachulia and David West.

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McGee will battle for playing time against the likes of Pachulia, West and Anderson Varejao. And basing on McGee’s skill set, he could even start over Pachulia at the center spot because of his athleticism and shot blocking.

The Warriors already feature Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green on offense, so McGee’s defense will be highly valued in the Warriors’ system.

Recently, Andre Iguodala, the veteran forward and leader for the Warriors, vouched for McGee and was one of the players to convince head coach Steve Kerr to try to get McGee earlier in the offseason.

“Talk to some different people, GMs, front office people. He’s so much better than a lot of these guys who got paid this past year. Like, so much better,” Iguodala said to ESPN.

Iguodala and McGee were former teammates with the Denver Nuggets in previous years.

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Will McGee win the starting spot for the Golden State Warriors over Pachulia, who is known for his rebounding and scoring but has weak defense? Is Iguodala correct in saying that McGee is a better option than others signed this offseason?

Photo courtesy: Hwojnicki/Wikimedia Commons

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